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We believe that children are to be treated as individuals, with love and respect for their specific emotional, physical, cognitive, and social needs.

Our goals are:

bullet to provide high quality childcare services and early childhood education for Berks County families
bullet to offer a child development program for children that promotes social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic growth
bullet to provide a safe and healthy environment that helps children develop a positive self-image
bullet to provide inclusive opportunities for all children.

Our desire is to provide a safe, high quality program for children whose parents are at work. Our school-age youngsters enhance basic computer skills using computer-literacy programs and educational games. Children benefit from planned activities in:

bullet literacy
bullet music
bullet outdoor play
bullet dramatics
bullet arts and crafts
bullet math and science
bullet neighborhood field trips
bullet cooking experiences
bullet singing
bullet technology.

BCIU Child Care, in cooperation with Early Intervention and Head Start, administers the Early Childhood Education Project (ECEP), which provides an appropriate education program to meet the needs of all students prior to their entrance into first grade. The project prepares students for a seamless transition into a standards-based environment. ECEP will be based in centers throughout Berks County with a continuum of educational opportunities ranging from assessment of student's strengths and needs to individual adaptations and enrichment activities.

Whether your family income is large, small, or in between, the same high-quality, professionally managed child care is available to you. BCIU Child Care works with state, local, and federal subsidies to help defray the cost of care for many parents. For parents of limited means, rates are based on a sliding scale made possible by support from the United Way. Children are placed on a waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis within the subsidy for which the parents are eligible. Priority is given to full time clients. Each subsidized list has its own set of rules that can be clarified by our intake project manager. BCIU Child Care participates in the state-subsidized child care system and provides employer-sponsored centers and resource and referral services. Any inquiries regarding eligibility for state-subsidized child care should be addressed to Child Care Information Services (CCIS) at 610-987-8444. The CCIS office will explain any employment, training, and financial requirements that must be met for participation in the state's sliding fee scale.

School-age centers are conveniently located in schools and serve children who have completed kindergarten through 12 years of age before and after school and during the summer. BCIU Child Care centers are open Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., twelve months per year, except for the following holidays:

BCIU Child Care holiday calendar

The Department of Public Welfare, prior to opening and at least once per year, inspects all child care centers. The facilities also must meet requirements of the Department of Labor and Industry. Every facility is licensed and registered by the state. These minimum legal requirements are exceeded substantially, especially in the areas of educational programs and enrichment experiences. Some inclusion centers serve children from 12 months to 6 years.

The professional support staff and teaching staff make up vital parts of the total team effort in the child care process. Supervisors regularly visit each center to monitor daily operation. BCIU Child Care staff members are well qualified and meet the regulations of the Department of Public Welfare's Bureau of Child Development. Each employee is screened in an interview conducted by our supervisors. New employees are screened for criminal and child abuse histories. They must provide two written references and a completed physical appraisal. All center staff attend a minimum of six hours of training annually.

Breakfast and an afternoon snack are provided at all locations.

To be placed on a waiting list or to enroll your child in BCIU Child Care, please contact Jackie Taveras at 610-987-8437.


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Copyright 2005 Berks County Intermediate Unit. All rights reserved.